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15 March 2016

GATE-Lounge – the get-together for the international airports and aviation industry

Each spring, the airport industry kicks off the exhibition season with the Passenger Terminal Expo - this year in Cologne. The event is one of the largest and most important exhibition for the airport and airline industries. Celebrating this year’s expo being held in Germany, GATE invited to an extraordinary event to exchange the latest information on airport projects.

On March 15th more than 100 national and international exhibitors and visitors followed the exclusive invitation to KölnSky, the highest event location in Cologne with a fantastic view over the Cologne cathedral and the city skyline.

Dieter A. Heinz, President of GATE, looked back to the changes in the airport and aviation industry over the last decades. Special guest Ralph Beisel, ADV Chief Executive Director, gave the keynote on the current development of the industry. He emphasized the importance of a strong and innovative partnership between the German airports and industry. European airports need more than ever industry partners to strengthen their competitiveness in the world market and to build safe and convenient facilities. That is why he recommended more suppliers to think about a commitment in the association and is looking forward to the newly established “GATE/ADV innovation forum” which will be held end of September in Berlin.

“On the conference in Berlin airports and industry will develop new ideas for future airports and discuss the growing challenges of mega trends especially in the field of digitalization”, added Kay Bärenfänger, Vice-President of GATE. He also invited everyone to come and see GATE on this year’s exhibitions in Dubai and China.

GATE’s participation in the PTE in Cologne was an exceptional opportunity to see industry leaders share their innovations and knowledge. With more than 160 exhibitioners and over 5.000 visitors the PTE was a great success and an ideal platform for the industry to come together. The GATE booth at the Passenger Terminal Expo was in the heart of the show and the central point where the airport industry met. GATE is looking forward to seeing you again at the next Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 in Amsterdam.